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Rule Book 4 - Content



The URL consists of the domain "isbn-maschine", "/", the ISBN number of the book and the name of the displayed sentence in the language of the book, (erster-satz, mittlerer-satz, letzter-satz, first-sentence, middle-sentence, last-sentence) separated by „-„



The title consists of the ISBN number of the book and the indication of the name of the sentence (first sentence, middle sentence, last sentence) separated by a space.



The keywords are the ISBN number, name of the page and the project name "isbn-maschine"



Each page contains the following content:



By default, the isbn machine uses the ISBN number in ISBN-13 format. If there is no corresponding ISBN number for the book, the ISBN search engine uses the number format that leads to the entry of the book edition in the National Library of the issuing country.